Full Disclosure Workbooks Free Chapter

Congratulations on starting your journey towards recovery. Below you will find download buttons for the first chapter from both partners’ Full Disclosure workbooks.

The Full Disclosure volumes set are a his and hers series of companion workbooks co-authored by Dr. Janice Caudill and Dan Drake. The workbooks are designed to help couples through the entire disclosure process following sexual betrayal. Disclosures are painful and, if mishandled, can create additional, often unnecessary damage. With a combination of information and exercises that prepare you for disclosure hurdles, these workbooks will give both of you resources to find your footing as you safely navigate a challenging time in the wake of betrayal.

Please note that your workbook and your spouse’s workbook have been designed to be used together. Some of the exercises in your workbook will correspond to exercises in your spouse’s and vice versa. You will be working together to repair your relationship, whether preparing some tasks separately in your respective workbooks or other critical decision points together, such as designing the disclosure, sharing your impact statement, and coordinating boundary and coping plans. We hope these resources bring healing to you and to your relationship as you recover from the impact of sexual betrayal.

If you’d like to purchase the full workbooks, please visit our Resources page. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us!